Friday 26 February 2021

Food Waste Week

Ways to reduce food waste

The catering industry is known for food wastage. Most of the food that customers order that they have not finished and do not want as a takeaway is thrown away. If too much stock is ordered and not used up by its expiry date or it goes bad it has to be thrown away.

A while back there was an app developed called “TooGoodToGo”. Restaurants use this app to sell food that they couldn’t sell that day. It was cheaper than sitting and having a meal at that restaurant. I  used it a few times and the food tasted great for the price. It was very cheap!

Some restaurants also donate their food or leftovers to charities. Which is good because the charities can give it to people that are less fortunate. 

When I was involved in my family restaurant, we always made sure that we ordered drinks that had an expiry date in 3 months or more. At home, we put the offcuts, peelings and eggs in a container which is put into the garden to become compost. We did a similar thing at the restaurant.

A take home tip:

It is always a good idea to prepare small amounts where possible or prepare what is needed for 2 days or 3 days and then eat it throughout the week. If you can split your food waste  into vegetables & peelings, cooked food & raw meat, the vegetables can be turned into compost. 

Kyle Davi

Monday 25 January 2016

Meet Spam From The Hollingbean

This week we introduce you to Spam. A name that was given to one of our volunteers as a child by his school friends, not because of his love for tinned meat, but because of his appearance. 

Spam has a passion for food and music and combines the two taking his business, The Lizard Stage and Cafe to festivals across the UK.

Tuesday 12 January 2016

What have we been up to recently?

We definitely started the year as we mean to go on! 
On New Years Day our team was down at the One Church cooking away for our first community Feast of the new year! All the food that we cooked, was as always, made from ingredients that were deemed to be surplus by supermarkets, yet are perfectly edible

Friday 8 January 2016

Meet Our Chief Cake Baker

Our sixth 'Meet the team' introduction is the lady behind many of the delicious home made cakes. Hundreds of you have been enjoying her home baking at the One Church Real in Brighton, and the Hollingbean cafe in Hollingdean. 

Val has been turning ingredients destined for the bin in to lovely sweet treats for TRJFP since the very start of the One Church cafe in Brighton.

Monday 5 October 2015

The Hollingbean Has Sprouted

The Real Junk Food Project have been working incredibly hard over the summer and many of you may not have heard that our family has grown.

As well as some brilliant new volunteers, we have been reaching out to new communities across Brighton. We've run several local pop-up cafes and our new Hollingbean Cafe has been born.

The Hollingbean is a weekly cafe run from the Hollingdean Community Centre every Thursday from 1-3pm. We have been serving up our lovely intercepted lunches to many new local residents in this part of Brighton and some One Church regulars who are making the trip up the hill.

Monday 28 September 2015

TRJFPB Support The Food Waste Bill in Parliament

On Tuesday 8th September, The Real Junk Food Project Brighton fed MP’s a wasted food buffet in the Houses of Parliament. Why? In support of Kerry McCarthys “Food Waste (Reduction) Bill”.

Friday 15 May 2015