Friday, 8 January 2016

Meet Our Chief Cake Baker

Our sixth 'Meet the team' introduction is the lady behind many of the delicious home made cakes. Hundreds of you have been enjoying her home baking at the One Church Real in Brighton, and the Hollingbean cafe in Hollingdean. 

Val has been turning ingredients destined for the bin in to lovely sweet treats for TRJFP since the very start of the One Church cafe in Brighton.

1. Why did you first get involved with TRJFPB? 
I got involved in the Junk Food Project by accident really. I was at an event and met one of the Directors who told be about this fabulous project. I decided to pop along to One Church on a Friday for lunch and took a carrot cake I'd made. I haven't stopped baking since!

2. What is your role with TRJFP? 
I was never an expert cake maker or anything. I just offered to take a few ingredients and turn them in to something at home. I live on my own and was becoming a bit of a hermit so the project gave me a reason to get out and help others. I have no idea how many cakes I've made for TRJFP now but I have become a bit of a chief cake baker.

3. Have you ever volunteered before? 
No, not really but I absolutely love it.

4. What do you like most about the role? 
The people. Meeting new people every week is great. I have made some wonderful friends and love the sense of being part of the community. 

5. Have you learnt / tried anything new? 
It's all new to me. I like being able to help and I've also tried lots of new foods at the cafes that perhaps I wouldn't cook myself. Although I've never been much of a food waster I've also learnt to think more about what people throw away and to save more, and waste less.

6. How do you relax after volunteering? 
Sewing. I spend lots of time making patchwork quilts and other things. I also enjoy walking my little dog Eddie. He likes volunteering for TRJFP too, and has become our little mascot.

7. Where do you see the real junk food project in the future? 
I'd love to be more of a host in a permanent Real Junk Food Cafe. We are desperate for our own building and I'd like to welcome new people in to our own cafe.

Author: Sarah Ryman - Sarah is a Brighton mum of 2 who volunteers with The Real Junk Food Project

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  1. Wow how lovely that some one is making and doing good with unwanted food , We need more people like Valerie.