Thursday, 30 April 2015

All the Food in the World!

Spicy Bean Chilli. Source: Thom Novi
Third in line for our posts introducing you to all of our ace Crowdfunder rewards is... our coupon book filled to the brim with vouchers for tasty meals, delicious juices and gorgeous deserts! For a pledge of £10 or more you'll receive enough coupons to keep yourself stocked up with tasty waste food lunches for the year ahead! 

Freshly made juices and smoothies! Source: Thom Novi

Our vouchers have no sell-by or best-before date so you'll be able to make the most of your coupon book no matter how frequently you visit our cafe!

A delicious dish of Real Junk Food. Source: Thom Novi 

To make a pledge simply head over to our Crowdfunder site here

Desserts galore! Source: Thom Novi

Until then, 


P.S to find out more about our rewards take a peek here 

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